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One Sentence At A Time: TITLE TO BE VOTED ON!!

Continuing "The Fairy and The Wardrobe" story...but we still need a title for this story. Read right to the end to see how you can help us!

By: Belle, Ember, Paisley, McKenna, Hanna and Shelby

Betsy and Brooklyn noticed their house looked strangely different so they went out front to check the rest of their town. When they went into their house they noticed flowers on the table that weren't there before. They were poison ivy flowers and there was a huge spider inside of them!

When they looked in the hallway there were two ghosts floating up the stairs. The ghosts heard them and turned around to fly down the stairs and attack the girls! 

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. The evil witch had returned for her revenge. She decided to put the poison ivy from the table in the girls' beds. They were so itchy they could never fall asleep. The poison ivy was the same stuff that had the spider inside of it. When Brooklyn saw the spider she screamed so loud she woke up the whole town. Everyone in the town started screaming too which woke up the entire countryside! 

The screaming was so loud that it woke up zombies in the attic. The zombies came and started attacking Brooklyn. Betsy came to try and help Brooklyn, but she couldn't do it because she was too scared of the zombies. 

So, Betsy called the magic plumber to come. He took them back to the wardrobe and flushed them down the toilet inside. It was a dirty and gross toilet. Disgusting!

Thankfully, just then, the girls woke up and realized it was all a CRAZY dream. 

The End.

From the Authors:

Dear Readers: We can't decide on the title of this story!! Here are the choices:

The Spooky House
The Town of Horror
The Return of the Witch
The Crazy Nightmare
The Girls are Saved from the Monsters!

You can vote for the title that you think best fits the story two ways. You can vote here on this Google Form OR you can head on over to Twitter and vote there. 


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