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Staff Directory


Photo of Leanne Watson

Ms. Leanne Watson


Phone: 403-549-3757

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Twyla Cyr

Mrs. Twyla Cyr

Administrative Assistants

Phone: 403-549-3757


Photo of Kendra Blumhagen

Kendra Blumhagen

Grade 3/4

Photo of Julaine Guitton

Mrs. Julaine Guitton

Grade 5/6 Teacher

Photo of Elizabeth Hass

Ms. Elizabeth Hass

Grade 1/2 Teacher

Photo of Ceri Penner

Ceri Penner


Learning Services

Photo of Brenda Schlaht

Brenda Schlaht

Learning Services Teacher

Educational Assistants

Photo of Melanie Biever

Melanie Biever

Grade 3 - 6

placeholder image for Rachael Ferguson

Ms. Rachael Ferguson

Education Assistant

Photo of Sandi Sandberg

Sandi Sandberg

Photo of Delee Scheller

Ms. Delee Scheller

Education Assistant

Family School Liaison Counselor

placeholder image for Brenda Schlaht

Mrs. Brenda Schlaht