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Staff Directory


Photo of Leanne Watson

Ms. Leanne Watson


Phone: 403-549-3757

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Twyla Cyr

Mrs. Twyla Cyr

Administrative Assistants

Phone: 403-549-3757


Photo of Kendra Blumhagen

Kendra Blumhagen

Grade 3/4

Photo of Julaine Guitton

Mrs. Julaine Guitton

Grade 5/6 Teacher

Photo of Elizabeth Hass

Ms. Elizabeth Hass

Grade 1/2 Teacher

Photo of Ceri Penner

Ceri Penner


Learning Services

Photo of Brenda Schlaht

Brenda Schlaht

Learning Services Teacher

Educational Assistants

Photo of Melanie Biever

Melanie Biever

Grade 3 - 6

placeholder image for Rachael Ferguson

Ms. Rachael Ferguson

Education Assistant

Photo of Sandi Sandberg

Sandi Sandberg

Photo of Delee Scheller

Ms. Delee Scheller

Education Assistant