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Parent Advisory Council (School Council)

PAC meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm in the Stavely School. Everyone is welcome!

Stavely is very lucky to have so many wonderful volunteers in our community and we would like to thank our executive from last year and welcome our new executive members.

Stavely School Council received the School Council Award of Merit in 2020. The School Council Award of Merit recognizes effective school council practices that have an identifiable impact on supporting student learning and school improvement at the school level, the district level or the provincial level.

Stavely School Council Operational Procedures 2018

PAC Executive 2023 - 2024

  • Chair - Addy Bolduc
  • Vice-Chair -  Echo Morasch
  • Secretary - Jodi Husted and Holly Gillespie

PAC Representatives 20230-2024

  • Town of Stavely - Ramona Whittingham
  • School Administration - Leanne Watson
  • School Staff - All teachers
  • LRSD Trustees - Kathy Charchun, Carla Gimber and Bradley Toone

Helpful Links

  • Alberta School Council's - ASCA's role is to promote and support strong school communities with effective school councils as a means to facilitate collaborations among education partners, including parents, to enhance student learning.
  • Alberta Education - School Council's - School councils were established in 1995, to increase parent and community involvement in the education of children in Alberta. Public schools, including charter schools, are required to attempt to establish school councils.
  • Alberta Education - Parents - Alberta Education site with items of interest to parents including; Role of Parents, School Choices, Our Education System, Resources for Parents, Early Childhood Services and Additional Programs and Services
  • LRSD Administrative Procedure 110 - School Councils

Parent Advisory Association

Fundraising at Stavely School is done to enhance the program of studies, to support educational needs not provided for by the

LRSD School Board, or for added extracurricular student/family/community activities.

The Guidelines and Terms of Reference guide the fundraising efforts at Stavely Elementary School.

PAA Executive 2023-2024

  • Chair - Addy Bolduc
  • Vice-Chair -  Echo Morasch
  • Secretary - Jodi Husted and Holly Gillespie
  • Treasurer - Kelty Sears

PAA Sub-Committees 2023-2024

  • Hot Lunch - Jodi Husted and Kelty Sears
  • Fundraising - Bev Allain, Angie Nelson and Carla Gimber


Stavely Elementary School knows that volunteers provide valuable assistance to our school staff and  that our students benefit from the opportunity to be involved in approved, school-sponsored curricular and co-curricular activities!  Stavely Volunteers are among the best volunteers in the world!!

LRSD Administrative Procedure 440 and required documents