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One Sentence At A Time Story 3: The Fairy and the Wardrobe

One Sentence At A Time Story 3: The Fairy and the Wardrobe

By: Paisley B. and Belle

Betsy didn't believe in fairies until...her friend Brooklyn told her that she found one. Brooklyn had been looking for fairies in a forest. The fairies led the girls to a wardrobe. They had to travel through feathers inside of the wardrobe to get to a castle. When they got to the castle they had a tea party with the witch that lived there. BUT, she was a bad witch and she put poison ivy in the tea! The poison ivy made the fairies turn into trolls and the girls' eyes got really big because they were surprised. Then, the witch took them to Troll Town. When they got there, the trolls knew there was something different about the new trolls. They gave them the antidote flower and it turned the fairies back to normal...except they were GIGANTIC!!! They stole the witch's wand and turned her into a frog. Then the gigantic fairies squished her. Brooklyn used the witches' wand to shrink the fairies back to normal size. The fairies grabbed a part goat, part sheep, part person, part dragon and that creature led them back to the wardrobe. The fairies helped fly the girls back to their house. EXCEPT when they went through the wardrobe it was the wrong one...

Stay tuned for our next story to find out what happened to Betsy and Brooklyn. The End...for now...

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