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One Sentence At A Time Story 2: The Light Outside The Window

The Light Outside The Window

By:  McKenna, Ember and Hanna

Jennifer looked out her window. A light was growing closer and...she went outside to see what it was. There was a glowing orb at her front door. The orb was a glowing unicorn horn. It was a bad unicorn's horn who does bad things around Jennifer's house. When she opened the door the horn flew past her into the house and started breaking things. It broke a mirror, a few toys, and a plate! Jennifer grabbed a broom and tried to whack the horn out of the house. Her aunt came in, when suddenly, the unicorn horn shot a blast of freezing ice! It froze Jennifer's aunt in a huge ice cube! Luckily, Jennifer's aunt had firepower and she melted the ice cube. Then, Jennifer used her stretching powers to grab the unicorn horn and she pulled it out of the house. She grabbed some tape and glue to start fixing the broken things. Then, the bad unicorn was all gone. Her dad used his fixing powers to fix the things that Jennifer couldn't. She felt happy not to have to fix it all herself. The End!

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