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One Sentence At A Time: A Story by Grade 2/3 Students

Here is our first  "one sentence at a time" stories the grade 2/3 kids have made up during our video chats this week. Mrs. MacDonald gave the students and Ms. Watson a sentence starter and then we put a story together, one sentence at a time. It was a lot of fun! Stay tuned for more "One Sentence At A Time" stories.

The Dragon Babysitter

By: George, Reece, Dustin, Beckham and Ms. Watson

Once upon a time, there was a dragon who was hired to babysit a brother and a sister. The brother and sister ran away because they were scared of the dragon. The kids run to the beach. The brother starts floating away. The dragon picked the brother out of the water with his claws and flew back to the beach. They met up with the sister to start a campfire to warm the brother up. But meanwhile, another dragon had kidnapped the sister! That dragon dropped her far away in the water. Suddenly, a submarine came and picked up the sister. But, a shark destroyed the submarine! The sister managed to escape and flew home. The dragon babysitter stole an ice cream truck to drive the brother home. They felt happy to be home safe and sound. The dragon had baby dragons. Then, the babysitter took all the kids to the candy store where they bought lots of toffee (which melted in the dragon's mouth). The End!

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