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One Sentence At A Time 4: The Adventure of Spider-Jacob

The Adventure of Spider-Jacob

By: Beckham, Dane, Nathan, Dustin and George


Brian watched as Jacob disappeared into the forest. Jacob got captured by a bear, but a black panther ate the bear. Then, the black panther fell off a cliff and Jacob was trapped in water with the panther. Suddenly, Brian fell into a hummingbird's nest. He fell out of the nest and landed in the water next to Jacob. The panther swam over and took them to a cave.

They found some stalactites in the cave. There was also a giant, goliath, bird-eating spider in the cave. The spider bit Jacob, but Jacob killed the spider with Brian's head. Then, Jacob turned into Spider-Jacob!!! He grabbed Brian and swung back to their house. They made a giant treehouse that they almost fell out of, but Spider-Jacob used his webs to get back inside. 

Suddenly, there was a huge earthquake that made them fall into the basement. They found ice cream in the basement, but it was moldy. They ate the ice cream anyway, and then Spider-Jacob saw a villain! It was Invisible-Man and he punched Spider-Jacob in the face. Wham! Invisible-Man shot Spider-Jacob with a gun, but Spider-Jacob made a web shield to stop the bullet. Suddenly, Bobby Orr appeared and saved Brian and Spider-Jacob by hitting Invisible-Man with his hockey stick and knocking him out. The End!

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