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May 4th Update

Please find the week of May 4th update.

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful weather. Everyone from the school says ‘hi’ to you all. Thank you to our families that come by the school and leave us chalk messages. What a great way to start the day! 

If you have time, check out LRSD Education Week Profile of our very own Heather MacDonald: https://www.lrsd.ca/our-division/news/post/heather-macdonald-growth-mindset-perseverance

Here is our Stavely School update for everyone:

Grade 6 Vaccinations

AHS school vaccination program is on pause for this year.  As of right now, they will be finishing vaccination schedules at the beginning of the school year in September 2020.


We are not having a meeting in May as there are no agenda items. The playground is going to be installed on May 15th and there will be construction for preparation of the installation prior to that. It’ll be so fun to have a new playground when the kids come back to school. Thank you to everyone for making such a huge endeavour possible!!

Online Safety

FSL Quinn Sampson shared the following link regarding online safety for our children. Please take time to take a quick read through it as it provides excellent information about online safety.

Novel Studies

If anyone wants to return their 2 Schools 1 Book novel to the school, we will keep it for future novel studies with our students. The last two year’s books were called “Nim’s Island” and “Almost Super”. Thank you! We will collect them once school starts up again.

Next Week’s Blog and Twitter Posts

Alright, it’s time to light up our Stavely School Twitter Feed. So let’s get after it Stavely-Style!! The staff and I always have a morning staff meeting and we came up with these daily themes for the week. If you have ideas for next week, PLEASE SEND THEM IN TO US!! 




May 4th

May the Force Be With You Day (YESSS! Stars Wars Rules!!)

May 5th 

Cinco De Mayo Day

May 6th

International No Diet Day (What? I’m not endorsing this but I am a big fan of BBQ hot dogs so that will probably be my photo. And also s’mores!)

May 7th

Babies and Bugs Day (baby animals, siblings and all kinds of bugs)

May 8th

Iris Flower Day (but we’ll take any flower photos)

Here’s how it goes: check the theme of the day, make it work for you, take a picture (or more than one) and email it to Heather MacDonald (macdonaldh@lrsd.ab.ca) or Leanne Watson (watsonl@lrsd.ab.ca) and we’ll dominate the Twitter feed. These themes will also be on the WAAG’s. This is going to be fun!

Food Cards - if anyone would like a grocery card, please let the school know and we’ll get it to you right away. Remember, this is food we would have fed your kids anyway at our breakfast program. Who doesn’t need more cereal boxes in their house?

Thank you to everyone for working so hard with your child’s classroom teacher with our at-home learning program. I would love to see any photos and videos of the kids working on their PE at home as well. It certainly is not mandatory by any means. PE activities for kids is PLAY! It helps them conceptualize what they’re learning and helps keep their mood and disposition bright and sunny!

Take care and have a super weekend!

Leanne Watson, Principal


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