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Literacy Day - One Sentence At A Time Story

Thank you to all of our classes and students for participating in our 'One Sentence At A Time' activity. Mrs. MacDonald ran from class to class putting this together for us and it turned out to be a very exciting story with a happy ending.

Here is the masterpiece story our students all worked together to create:

Julia let her cat out to go to the washroom but she never knew her cat was going to an alien meeting.

Her cat, Nimbus, an alien in disguise, went to the litter box and was teleported into outer space where it landed on a cactus.

"OW!" yelled Nimbus, and then he ran away. "Where did that cactus come from?" he muttered as he stalked off to the alien meeting. 

When he arrived at the meeting the alien cat spaceship was fleeing from the alien chihuahua gang. 

Mr. Fatso, the leader of the alien chihuahua gang yelled in a squeaky voice, "lock him up!".

When one of the guards was sleeping, Nimbus reached through the bars, stole the keys and escaped to go home!

The End.

By Stavely School


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