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Leader In Me School: MRA Open

Beginning April 13th, 2021 our school will be participating in the Measurable Results Assessment (MRA). The MRA is a set of surveys that provides our school with insights on the growth of our school and the areas we may need additional focus. The MRA includes a survey for the parents/guardians and a separate survey for students in grades 3 and above. Our students will complete the survey in school. The link for you to complete the survey is below.  We are hoping you and, if they are in 3rd grade or above, your child will take the survey so we can learn more about how we can continue to make our school a great place for students and their families.

All Grades 3 - 6 parents have received an email with the link to complete the survey. We value your input and make important goals/decisions regarding programming for our school using your results.

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