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Nanton Schools Advisory Committee Update

The Nanton Schools Advisory Committee, consisting of Livingstone Range School Division (LRSD) Administration and Trustees, Town of Nanton Council members, the Municipal District of Willow Creek, and the Municipal District of Ranchland met June 13, 2023.

In the Spring 2023 Budget, LRSD was approved for a new elementary and modernized high school in Nanton on the site of the current elementary school. This approval was for design funding which includes the preparation of construction tender documents, such as drawings and specifications. This will be an Alberta Infrastructure managed project. 

During this stage, we are doing everything we can to have the construction phase timeline be as short as possible. Construction for both schools can take up to three years and will be a minimum of two years.

Decanting (Temporary Relocation)

To expedite construction, moving students out of the current A.B. Daley Community School space is our goal. This decanting will need to include community spaces which will be explored further by this Committee. There is no decanting funding provided in the project budget by the Province. 

Potential Partnerships 

Partnerships will be required for both decanting and building enhancements not included in the funding. This is a key discussion that will continue based on community engagement. Partnership commitments are needed as soon as possible.

For example, a common enhancement in communities is the size of the gymnasium. The approved size for the elementary gymnasium is 430 m2. The current J.T. Foster High School gymnasium is 524 m2 and the A.B. Daley Community School gymnasium is 667 m2 with full sized courts and a raised ceiling. Many communities opt for at least 540m2 with a raised ceiling, which will accommodate  more sports, community events and spectators.

Future Committee meetings dates are set for September 12, 2023, November 14, 2023, January 8, 2024, and  March 12, 2024. Additional meetings will be held as needed.

We appreciate the willingness of everyone on this committee to move this project forward and see it through to completion.


Lacey Poytress
Board Chair, Livingstone Range School Division

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